Solar Energy For Homeowners

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Unlocking Savings, Sustainability & Self-Reliance

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Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Worried about skyrocketing electricity bills? Palmetto’s Power Purchase Agreement puts you in control of your energy costs through secure, long-term solar savings.

  • Zero Upfront Fees: You pay nothing to install panels – we handle costs, maintenance and repairs for 25+ years
  • Predictable Solar Payments: A locked-in, competitive rate means stable payments instead of unpredictable rate hikes from the power company
  • Day One Savings: On average, homeowners save 10-20% on their energy bills from the moment their system switches on
  • Insulated from Future Price Gouging: Even if the electric company raises rates, your monthly payment stays the same. Finally, total budget protection from inflation!

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    Empowering a Smarter Clean Energy Future

    Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking bills and comparing rates for savings optimization. With Solar Solution in partnership with Palmetto, the leading solar company in the U.S., you can take full control of your electricity. Experience the power of a forward-thinking partnership that simplifies your energy journey and maximizes your savings potential

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    How It Works

    Go solar with ease. Our straightforward approach takes the hassle out of
    switching to clean, renewable solar energy

    Home Assessment

    We evaluate your home’s sun potential through measurements and inspections with our specialized tools. Our advisors identify the perfect panel placement

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    Approvals and Design

    Approvals from relevant associations ensure safety for all. Our coordinators are patient through the process until it’s signed off


    Our certified technicians raise panels high with care using ladders. Neighbors often marvel at the process that brings renewable power!

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    Operation & Support

    Logging into your account from any device provides output overviews. Our monitors ensure all runs smoothly without stress. Regular checkups give insights into your sustainable investment over time

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    Whether you purchase a solar system outright, sign a lease, or take advantage of a loan or incentive program, there are several financing options that can make going solar more affordable. We’ll help you find the best fit for your needs and budget

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    Why Is the Choice of Your Local Community

    Looking for Solar Energy Installation Cost for Your Home?

    Financing Made Simple

    We offer various financing options like loans and power purchase agreements so you can start saving from day one

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A PPA allows homeowners to host solar panels on their roof in exchange for long-term, fixed-price power without any upfront equipment costs. Palmetto owns and maintains the system.

    On average, homeowners save 20-40% on their electric bills each month compared to utility rates. A customized evaluation determines your potential savings.

    Your new buyers can take over the PPA and keep enjoying the savings. We make the transition easy for all parties

    Yes, we provide full warranty protection and pay for all repairs and replacements for the lifespan of your solar system, usually over 25 years.

    Yes, as a renter you can host a system and benefit from PPA savings with landlord approval. We can discuss your options.

    Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and get the ball rolling on lower energy costs!

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