When marketing a home, a little home staging goes a long way. One study found that seller’s agents reported staging a home increased its dollar value up to 10%. And when staging your home, you want to show it in its best light—literally! That means paying attention to how the home is lit. Here are a handful of tips.

Look at every room. Go into each room, turn on all lights, and open every blind and curtain to show the space at its brightest. Pay attention to which corners are dark, and plan to add light accordingly. Do the same thing at night, because showings can happen later in the day and you may need more lighting when it’s dark outside.

Update fixtures and bulbs. Outdated fixtures are less than ideal. Read up on the latest lighting trends and replace them. Also, replace all incandescent lightbulbs with LED versions—they save energy costs, and buyers appreciate the eco-friendly gesture. But check the bulb’s Color Rendering Index (CRI). Bulbs cast different glows—some are warm, some wash out colors, and others are somewhere in between. The CRI scale describes a bulb’s quality of light. In most cases, on a CRI scale of 0 to 100, bulbs rated 90 or higher are considered the highest quality option, making colors look their best.

Keep room colors light. To light up your staging, you may have to do some painting. You can’t light up a room very much if the walls and decor are dark. Light, neutral colors are best. You can also lighten things up with decorative accents, such as light-colored pillows and throws, vibrant green plants, and mirrors to reflect the room’s light.

Place lights where they’re needed. Now, add the table lamps, floor lamps, and fixtures you need to brighten things up. Undercabinet lighting strips are great for illuminating countertops and backsplashes. Make sure the lighting level is consistent in every bathroom and give each bathroom a bright vanity light. Use table lamps to add a pop of color to a simply staged room. Where a tabletop isn’t available, use a floor lamp. Use lighting to showcase room highlights, such as an ornate mantle, or custom shelving unit. Don’t be afraid to take a trial-and-error approach.

Address outside lighting too. For showings when it’s darker outside, exterior home and pathway lighting look welcoming and safe (outside lighting discourages burglars).

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