One of the most frequent complaints homeowners have about their kitchens is that they are too small. This is something a simple remodel cannot fix. But whether you’re doing a remodel, re-configuring your built-in kitchen storage can provide much-needed space for gadgets, food items, and housewares. Better storage will not only make these things easy to get at, but it will also actually make your kitchen seem bigger! Here are four clever built-in kitchen storage solutions. Some changes you can accomplish on your own, and others you may want to hire a professional to install.

Storage for Spice Jars. If you cook, you can have dozens of spice jars in a variety of shapes and sizes. You want to store them neatly and have them all visible, so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Two good options are a shallow set of shelves mounted under cabinets, over the sink, or behind a door; or a pull-out rack installed in a narrow drawer.

Hooks for Cleaning Items. It can be a problem finding storage for bulky items such as brooms, mops, and dusters. They easily fall out when jammed into closets and cupboards. The answer? Install hooks or a hanging rack on the back of a door or on wall space inside a closet. Then you can hang these items up neatly and keep them secure, so they do not fall out when you go to get one.

Storage for Baking Trays. Stacking baking trays in drawers or cabinets can take up a large footprint. When you want one, you must pull everything out that is on top of it and then put it all back. A great solution is to build into your cabinetry a tall, narrow pull-out drawer. This allows you to store your baking trays vertically, making it easy to grab the one you need.

Storage Around the Sink. There can be a lot of wasted space around the sink. If you have a false drawer in front of the sink, consider replacing it with a hinged door that swings downward with storage for scrubbers and sponges on the back. Also, consider the storage space under the sink and see if you can add a slide-out drawer or a rack that enables you to use that space more effectively.

The bottom line is, storage solutions are a simple way to make any kitchen feel a lot bigger.

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