NXTADJUSTERS.com Client Reviews & Testimonials

Over the years NXTADJUSTERS.com has represented hundreds of clients with their claims and recover over $25 Million dollars. It is our honor that hundreds of satisfied clients and their referrals have chosen us each time they have property claim issues and trusted us with it. We strive each time to get them the settlement they entitled to fast and accurately, and restore them to pre-loss condition. We believe our clients are the best testimony for our hard work and dedication to their entire claim process and the results we achieved for each client we represented.

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“Sam and his team are professionals in dealing and negotiating claims fast and accurately. They have helped us getting the claim settled that have been denied by insurance company twice previously. My family is forever thankful for your services and returning our lives back to normal. We salute your communication skills and dedications to our claim. Best of luck

Roof Collapsed Claim
Austin TX

“My roof took some serious damage from the wind and after I contacted my insurance company, I contacted NXTADJUSTERS.com got connected right away to Sam Mirza. We schedule to meet the very next day at my house. Sam’s team spend two hours documenting, measuring, and climbing on my roof in hot humid weather. Insurance company adjuster did not even spend thirty minutes. After the full review they asked us if we still want to be represented by their company and they did not pressure us to sign any documents, instead they left us the agreement to think about. We knew that their professionalism and dedication to our claim will get the claim handled fast. So, we reach out back to them and got the ball rolling. That decision we made help us relax our stress as they handled all communications on our part. The claim was settled within few weeks, and we were able to restore our roof with the choice of our roofing company. Thanks again for your persistence Sam…


Randy Sampson

Wind Damage Claim
San Antonio TX

“I like to start of by saying thanks to Sam Mirza and NXTADJUSTERS.com for handling our claim process and lowering our stress. We have suffered a water damage from galvanized pipes that was originally installed when the home was built in 1963 and we bought it in 2012. Just few years living in property those pipes start bursting in various areas of our home. One day as we came home the main pipe has burst and we sustain a heavy water damage to our home. We contacted their firm, and they quickly came out and access the damage took full inventory of my belongings that were damaged. Long story short we were able get the money to fix the home and more. I would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with insurance company claim process. They are quick and efficient.

Water Damage Claim
Dallas TX

“Sam’s professionalism, technical expertise and communication skills is beyond reproach. Sam turned a travesty into a blessing that I will be forever grateful for. During my claim process I was referred to insurance claim attorney and I told them that I was dealing with Sam Mirza with NXTADJUSTERS.com and he is dealing with my claim. He told me I was in good hands and if we were himself a victim of hurricane damage, he would use Sam Mirza with NXTADJUSTERS.com. So, I knew I was in good hands, and I let them be as I sit back and watched. They used thermal imaging drones and water mapping they were able to prove the substantial damage that existed behind the walls and into the floors. Insurance company paid us 4x more than the initial offer. I was able to get maximum pay out from my policy. Now I think about it if I were to deal with them alone, I could have lost out on the money they owe me based on my policy.

Michael Wharton

Hurricane Damage Claim
Houston TX

“Hurricane Harvey 2017 has caused the entire Harris County in billions of property damage. My family were one of the victims of the damage from the Harvey flooding. NXTADJUSTERS.com helped us and it was the right decision I took to hire them and let them represent us. They were able to get us the money we need to get our lives back to normal. I cannot live with double trauma first with worst hurricane in history and then insurance company lack of cooperation and stall tactics. These folks handled our claim like their personal and get us the money my family needed badly enough within weeks. I highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with crazy insurance processes.

Hurricane Damage Claim
Houston TX

“We strongly recommend their services as your public adjuster. I wish someone told me about them before. I argued with my insurance company for three months and lost valuable time until one day they showed up in my google search during my ongoing dispute with insurance claim. They helped me get the settlement for my fire and smoke damage 400% higher than the insurance company initially offered us for our restaurant, but it was settled within three weeks after contacting them.

Mike Hubert

Fire and Smoke Commercial Insurance Claim
Corpus Christi TX

“I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart that how much we appreciate the hard work that you put in my case. This been a long and stressful journey. You guys have made us a believer in your services. God forbid I ever find myself in need for your services but if we were ever do, I won’t hesitate to call you guys again.

Residential Claim
Houston TX

“I have dealt with this company twice now and every time we have received exceptional services from their entire team. You guys made dealing with these insurance companies walk in the park.

Residential Claim
San Antonio TX

“The winning feeling we had gotten after getting that long awaited check from our insurance company we can’t be thankful enough to your guys professionalism and helping us in my family most difficult time. We didn’t even know such a person or service existed in this world that can help us deal with insurance claim and get us the money we need to restore my family home. Every step and the process took us one step closer to getting that final settlement check and toward the full restoration of my home. You guys rock period!

Residential Water Damage Claim
Arlington TX