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Texans continue to see a rise in their energy bills with excessive heats every summer

Bring stability to your home with solar solutions. We’ve teamed up with an industry leader in solar technology and service, Palmetto, to offer you an unmatched solar experience


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Solar Can Potentially Save Homeowners Anywhere From $20,000 – $75,000 On Average


Power Your Way to Real Independence

We’ve partnered with Palmetto, a leading solar technology and service provider, to bring you an unparalleled solar journey

With a shared dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, Palmetto guarantees an exceptional experience as you embark on your energy-saving journey

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Empowering a Smarter Clean Energy Future.

Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking bills and comparing rates for savings optimization. With Solar Solution in partnership with Palmetto, the leading solar company in the U.S., you can take full control of your electricity. Experience the power of a forward-thinking partnership that simplifies your energy journey and maximizes your savings potential


How It Works

Go solar with ease. Our straightforward approach takes the hassle out of
switching to clean, renewable solar energy Solar Solutions with Palmetto

Looking to join the thousands of homeowners who are already reaping the benefits of solar panels? At, we understand just how valuable they are for both the planet and your wallet. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to take the first step towards a brighter future

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Green Energy Power Solutions To Your Businesses

As more and more businesses take notice of their environmental impact, reducing the damage they are causing to the planet is becoming a priority. Solar’s green energy solutions are helping businesses transform themselves into environmentally responsible businesses while also cutting their energy costs through the installation of renewable technologies

From site surveys, and installation to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we have an incredible track record in providing power solutions that meet any requirement from an organization


About Solar Solutions!

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Trust and transparency
With a collaborative culture focused on long-term partnerships and transparency, we earn the trust of solar developers, IPPs, employees and partners

Mission Driven Strategy

Since our inception, our unwavering mission to accelerate solar adoption has guided our strategic decisions. With demand for large-scale clean energy at an all-time high, we have scaled nationwide, concentrating in key distributed commercial solar markets Solar Solutions, in collaboration with the esteemed Palmetto Solar company, now offers an extensive range of solar services that go beyond the core offerings of our established real estate brokerage firm. Driven by our ambitious mission to drive nationwide renewable energy adoption, we are proud to deliver optimized performance and uptime for a growing portfolio of commercial and utility-scale solar assets. Our highly skilled team provides comprehensive nationwide monitoring, maintenance, engineering, and O&M services to swiftly address any underperformance issues. With strict NERC-compliant monitoring protocols and expert field staff, we treat each asset with utmost care and dedication

We foster trust through collaboration and transparency, earning the loyalty of solar developers, IPPs, employees, and partners. Our unwavering mission to accelerate solar energy adoption guides our strategic decisions. With soaring demand for clean energy, we’ve scaled our operations nationwide, focusing on thriving distributed commercial solar markets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy can be overwhelming, especially when you consider researching providers, technologies, incentives, local regulations, permits… the list goes on! That’s precisely why Palmetto developed a streamlined solar energy solution that enables you to effortlessly tap into savings without the hassle. From financing and design to installation, monitoring, and maintenance, our committed Energy Advisors are available to provide answers, address concerns, and assist you every step of the way.

Absolutely! Whether your goal is to cut costs, conserve resources, or contribute to the fight against climate change, integrating solar power into your home can effectively address all three objectives.

By choosing NXTSQFT solar solutions, customers can potentially save thousands of dollars throughout the lifespan of their solar power systems. Many even earn credits through net metering programs for the excess power they generate, while also benefiting from rebates and incentives that help recoup their initial investment. Meanwhile, the cost of conventional electricity continues to rise.

To assess the viability of solar for your requirements, we consider various factors such as roof capacity, energy consumption, credit status, and eligibility for incentives. At NXTSQDT, we initiate the process by providing a rapid estimate of potential savings based on your home, location, and current electricity expenses. From there, we outline customized options aligned with your objectives and home specifications. This transparent approach allows you to make an informed decision about adopting solar, considering the potential costs and savings outlined in detail before making a purchase.

No. But we recommend that you offer the buyer’s agent commission. Most buyers are represented by a licensed agent & by offering the buyer’s agent commission increases the chances of getting offers on your listing 5 times more than without any offered commission to buyer’s agent. However, you can determine the commission offered to the agent. We recommend that you offer at least 2.5% to 3% commission to buyer’s agent.