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As electricity prices increase, more people are turning to solar as a potentially low-risk, high-reward investment to save money on their monthly and long-term energy costs. If you’re reading this, you’re likely open to the idea of going solar—and rightly so!

For many, solar delivers exceptional value: energy savings, access to tax credits and incentives, environmental peace of mind, higher home values, and independence from the utility grid with a battery storage system. One question stands: Is solar suitable for your home?

This complimentary guide to solar is designed to educate homeowners on the benefits and process of going solar so you can make an informed, confident decision on your own time. Within, you’ll learn:

  • Key solar concepts
  • The process of going solar
  • Purchase and lease options
  • Decision-making tips
  • Many additional resources

The best way to know if solar is the right solution for you is to read up and decide for yourself. Download your guide to get started!

    What’s Included!

    This solar guide includes everything you need to know about going solar. Here are a few concepts covered within.

    What are the benefits of going solar?

    There are many reasons people decide to purchase a solar energy system. Discover five of the most compelling reasons, complete with data and research findings.

    1. Energy savings
    2. Home value
    3. Environmental impact
    4. Incentives and tax breaks
    5. Energy independence

    How does solar work?

    The sun is billions of years old, but only since the 1950s have humans been able to unlock its electricity-generating potential.

    In the guide, you’ll learn how solar energy technology works in greater detail, from how solar panels (photovoltaics) harness the sun’s energy (photons) to how we’re able to transform it into electricity that we can use in our homes.

    Will I save money by going solar?

    Electric bill savings is the #1 reason people switch to solar, according to a 2022 Palmetto customer survey. It’s no secret that people want to save on electricity. For many homeowners, solar provides a long-term, low-risk way to do so.

    Get information about solar payback periods, savings, and the factors that influence both.

    Is my home suitable for solar panels?

    While the number of homeowners with solar has dramatically increased in recent years, it still isn’t right for everyone. Learn what questions you can ask yourself to gauge your home’s potential for solar power.

    What does a typical solar installation look like?

    When installing rooftop solar, the installation itself is a brief but important part of the overall process. Several things must happen both before and after the installation to ensure that the system design and financing options meet your needs and that your project meets specific requirements, which you’ll learn about in greater detail.

    Can I get financing for solar?

    Financing plays a big part in the decision to go solar. Luckily, there are many ways to invest in solar, from an all-out cash purchase to solar-specific loans and even different solar leasing options, like power purchase agreements (PPA). In this guide, you’ll learn the four most common, and the pros and cons of each.

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