Insurance Appraisal for Claim Disputes

Choosing to go to appraisal during the insurance claim process can be an option if you have an ongoing dispute with your insurance company. Since the appraisal process is binding and legal, the decision should be carefully and strategically weighed. employs experienced claim adjusters who can be hired and appointed as your appraiser. We have successfully represented hundreds of claimants with business claims, business interruption claims as well as homeowner insurance claims through the appraisal process

The Appraisal Process – How It Works

  • The policyholder selects an “insurance appraiser.”

  • The insurance appraiser calculates and justifies the full scope and value of damages claimed.

  • The insurance company selects their own “insurance appraiser.”

  • The insurance company’s appraiser calculates and justifies it interpretation of the scope of loss.

  • The two insurance appraisers select a neutral “umpire” in the event both parties cannot come to a compromise as to the value of damages.

  • If necessary, the insurance umpire will make a final and binding determination if the two appraisers are unable to reach agreement during the appraisal process


Insurance Appraiser Services

Hiring one of our firm’s experienced insurance appraisers during the appraisal process will ensure your claim
receives the attention to detail and aggressive representation needed for full recovery. While every claim
is different, here is a brief overview of what our work during the appraisal process will look like:

Choosing as Your Appraiser

We are committed to learning and uncovering the details about your claim, so you receive a fast and fair settlement during the appraisal process.
Our insurance appraisers can be hired on an hourly and capped basis.

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