Moving into the home you just purchased is such an exciting time. But before you get too carried away with unpacking and decorating, here are the things you should put at the top of your to-do list.

Change the Locks. Even if you know the sellers, you don’t know who they’ve given a key to—tradespeople, pet sitters, house cleaners, etc. Hire a locksmith to give you new locks and keys for all the doors.

Install Fire Extinguishers—in the kitchen, and garage, and make sure there’s one on every floor.

Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors. If they’re already in place and you know they’re fairly new, install fresh batteries.

Install Fire Escape Ladders in Every Upstairs Room. You have an average of two minutes to escape before smoke and flames engulf a house. Home escape ladders are easy to use, well-constructed, and affordable.

Find Out How to Shut Off the Main Water and Gas Lines. Be prepared to act quickly if a water or gas leak occurs.

Close All Utility Accounts at Your Old House. Terminate the accounts as of the day you move out.

Set Up Your New Utilities Accounts. Start them on your move-in date.

Change Your Mailing Address. Notify the post office and everyone who sends you bills and subscriptions.

Get a Binder or File Bin to Store All Appliance Manuals and Warranties. If issues pop up, you can quickly address them.

Get a Bank Safe Deposit Box, Fireproof Lock Box, or Home Safe. This is your secure place to store your home deeds, closing papers, fine jewelry, and important personal papers.

Open a Savings Account. Get started putting away funds to cover future maintenance and repair costs and supplemental property taxes, such as vehicle excise tax.

Meet the Neighbors. It’s never too soon to start becoming part of your new community!

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