As a seller, there are many updates you can do to boost the perceived value of your home before listing it, from a major kitchen or bathroom upgrade to installing new flooring. But if you don’t want to take on major projects like these, a survey of recent and prospective homebuyers revealed that just a fresh coat of paint could increase the views your home gets, as well as the offer amounts. Here’s what the study found were the best colors to get those results.

White Kitchens. White walls were found to be most attractive to buyers. Neutral light colors greatly increased interest in looking at a property and increased the likelihood of a potential buyer buying the home. Good alternatives included dark or neutral colors, including light yellow, off-white, dark gray, gray, dark red, and dark green. Avoid bright green, pink, yellow, and red. Bright red could decrease offers by an average of $1,500, and a bright yellow kitchen was least likely to make people want to buy the home.

Light Blue Bathrooms. This was overwhelmingly the most popular bathroom color among survey participants, who said it would increase their offers by 1.6%. That’s a $6,400 boost in value on a $400,000 home! Gray, dark gray, light yellow and off-white resulted in slight increases in the possibility a survey participant would view a home or offer a higher price. Bright yellow, bright green, bright red, and pink decreased the likelihood that those surveyed would be interested in viewing or making an offer.

Dark Blue Bedrooms. The survey found that the bedroom is the best place to go bold with color. The majority of people surveyed could see themselves in a dark blue bedroom. In fact, that color increased the average price they would potentially offer. Good alternatives include dark and light neutrals, such as light blue, white, bright blue, and dark gray. These gave people the vibe of a relaxing, home-based getaway.

Grey Living Rooms. A home with gray living room walls brought in the most intentions to view and purchase. Other neutral tones, including white and light green, also did well, with light green scoring an average offer-price gain of several hundred dollars. Again, boisterous colors were the least desirable. Bright green, bright yellow, and pink diminished buyer interest in touring a property, and had a negative effect on offer prices. A separate survey discovered potential buyers and sellers would be less likely to paint any room in the house any of those colors. Plus, a study conducted with real estate agents found that nearly 100% of them recommended repainting any room that is bright pink, bright green, or bright purple.

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