Establishing your presence on YouTube can build your brand’s relationships with your network, showcase your products and success stories, and provide valuable information to clients and prospects, elevating you as a thought leader. Here are three tips to begin.

Don’t be afraid to get started.

Many of the most prominent YouTube personalities began with basic, entry-level equipment. You needn’t spend lots of money on professional equipment and editing software or spend a lot of time making clever edits. Start with your smartphone, some of the free editing software available, and templates you can get online. Canva has some good options; just click on the video tab on their homepage. As you gain more experience and followers on YouTube, you can expand your capabilities by purchasing a video camera, hiring a video editor to help polish your episodes, and a video assistant to help film them. But don’t let not having these things keep you from getting started.

Create good content.

It is essential to create content that engages your audience. Think about filming the different aspects of your business that people might like to watch. Take your viewers on a tour of your facility. Create a weekly series that takes an inside look into one of your products or services. Or do a series on customer problems you help solve. Do Q&As with loyal clients or colleagues. Interview service providers you partner with or local peers in your community. Share your thoughts on some of the challenges we’re all facing as consumers and businesses. Map out these topics so you know where you’ll be going with your channel, and then be sure to get new content out on a regular basis, weekly if you can.

Strongly brand your YouTube page.

Add a banner and a profile image at the top of your channel’s homepage. Think about including your headshot, company name, contact info, and even an engaging photo of one of your products or services. Be sure to put all your business information in your page’s “about” section. Place links to your website and other social media platforms. Invite visitors, as well as everyone in your network, to subscribe. Send subscribers regular updates about

your channel. Answer comments that require a response. These notifications and shares will get subscribers coming back and keep your brand top-of-mind. Tying your YouTube channel to your brand will help get you more leads and increase interest in your business pages. And once your YouTube channel is underway, regularly share your latest videos on all your social media platforms.


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