You want to keep buyers interested in your home from the first time they see it online and the first time they view it in person. But it’s surprisingly easy for buyers to quickly lose interest. Here are 8 buyer turnoffs to avoid.

Substandard listing photos. Most homebuyers start looking online where they give a home 7 to 10 seconds of consideration before they go on to the next one. Substandard photos are the number one reason buyers pass on listings, put off by photos that are out of focus, poorly lit, or shot from the wrong angle.

When buyers visit your property, avoid these turnoffs:

Exterior issues. A buyer first sees your home’s outside. Landscaping that needs trimming, tree branches leaning over rooftops, dead lawns, overgrown beds, clogged gutters with standing weeds and such are things buyers will have to deal with and many won’t want to.

Inside your home, buyers would rather not see these off-putting things:

Dirt. Today, dirt isn’t just unattractive, it’s seen as a health hazard. Consider bringing in a professional cleaning crew before you list.

Clutter. Buyers will not be able to see the dimensions of a room if it’s filled with clutter and too much furniture. As a seller, you will have to move eventually, so start the process—ditch the clutter now and put extraneous furniture in a storage unit. Your home, de-cluttered and with furniture pared-down, will look more inviting—and bigger!

Wallpaper and wood paneling. Most buyers find these unattractive, and many will skip over a home rather than deal with replacing them.

Strong paint colors. Accent walls in bright colors and teen bedrooms in bubblegum pink or charcoal black won’t appeal to most buyers. Paint walls in neutral tones, or colors in soft, warm shades.

Outdated features. Buyers can be put off by homes that need work to update: old baths and kitchens, countertops that are anything but quartz or granite, flooring that isn’t hardwood or laminate, popcorn ceilings, and single-pane windows are all out of vogue.

Dark rooms. This is a big buyer turnoff. Remove heavy drapes and other window treatments blocking light from entering the room. Ensure there are adequate lighting fixtures in every room and use bulbs that give a warm light.

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