When you walk into your own living room or kitchen, do you feel good about what you see? Or, like many people, do you feel bored — or maybe you barely notice it? Even the best design and styling can start to lose its sparkle when you see it day after day. Just because expensive renovations are not in the cards for everyone does not mean you can’t add some pep to your space! Here are a few tips for changes you can make in your home to update your style without even thinking about a power tool.

  • Rearrange and de-clutter. Is your furniture, lighting, and storage working effectively where it is? Now that you have spent some time living in this space, you have an opportunity to revisit your room arrangement decisions and make changes, if necessary. Sometimes moving the couch or swapping out lamps between rooms can make a big difference in a room’s functionality and style. Even when you regularly cleanup, a deep de-cluttering effort can really lighten up a room, especially since miscellaneous items have a way of piling up over time.
  • Add some paint. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to completely change the look and feel of a room! Trending palettes include rich jewel tones to bring a dash of boldness and moody charcoal grays to lend drama. If a big color change doesn’t seem like your style, try painting furniture for a quick update and fresh feel.
  • Update fixtures. Don’t want to spring for new kitchen cabinets? Try new handles and door pulls instead. Bored with your doors? New doorknobs can add some eye-catching, modern flair. And if you’re tired old lighting fixtures are making an otherwise attractive space feel drab, a quick trip to the hardware store for metallic paint and new shades will give any old chandelier or sconce a new lease on life for cheap! Check out these DIY light fixture makeovers and see for yourself!
  • Restyle. If you welcomed ten different interior stylists into your home and gave them the same basic furniture, you’d still end up with ten different rooms. Every choice of throw pillow, house plant, wall art, rug, or window treatment brings a different personality to your space. Even simply swapping out accessories can make a room feel new.

Remember: Nothing about your home’s interior is locked in. Your space should energize and excite you! There’s something undeniably exciting about the possibility of a fresh new interior look (especially when you can achieve it with relatively little time and money).

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