Buying a home is undeniably the biggest decision of your life and more importantly, the most substantial investment too. This is why, we have established a list of reminders for you so that when you make the purchase, it’s worth all your money and efforts.

Check Your Credit Report

The first thing that you should start with is by figuring out your financial situation. Getting the right picture of your credit will help you in simplifying your real estate buying experience. It is best to correct any current issues before moving on with financing and mortgage. The next step will then be to reaching a reliable lender and getting pre-approved for further processing. At NXTSQFT, we have access to the largest variety of lenders in Houston, Texas and if you are looking for the best rates, we can surely bring that to the table. Starting with these technicalities will give you the upper hand and you’ll be able to make a great offer when the time finally comes.

Check Your Affordability!

The best house is the one that you can afford. Buying a home is definitely a large purchase, but there are many ways to keep things under your budget. The general formula that most people use is the price of a new home: 2.5x your annual income. Apart from that, you can also get help from online tools and calculators to evaluate all aspects of your finances including income, expenses, debt, taxes and other elements comprising your total affordability. Another thing that you should always look out for, is that the price is not only what the label states, there are other costs as well, such as property taxes, energy costs and the like.

Only Trust The Professionals!

Although the internet has given us the confidence of managing everything on our own, accessing market data, listings and tips will not be enough to make a new home purchase. Acquiring the services of a professional, experienced and committed realtor is more than necessary. They can pull out all the hard work out of the equation and manage things on your behalf. Their proven strategies can’t be undermined in any scenario. With their experience, they can also keep you out of any possible trouble. But choosing the best is the only key, so don’t jeopardize such an important event for the sake of money.

Homework Is Important!

Buying a new home requires your full attention. There are numerous adequate solutions when it comes to your preferred size and interiors but those are not the only things you need. Location is what matters here. There is no way that you wouldn’t want a nice neighborhood. But for all that, you must be prepared, including a thorough analysis of the market. The future is unpredictable, now more than ever and keeping that in mind, you shouldn’t forget that there will be a chance where you might have to sell your home and which is why you should know the selling price of your home in the market as well. If you think that monitoring rates are not what you can do, we can help you with that. With us on your side, you will get the best tips on how you can get a competitive edge in the current market.

Long Term Planning

Buying a home is not like buying a burrito, it’s a matter of life. You’ll be living here for years and it is best to hire an inspector to do a thorough inspection of the home you are about to buy. This strategy will give you the perfect idea of the potential problems and repairs in advance and you can get prepared for the repair costs. NXSQFT strongly advises you to follow this tip and we can also link you up with professional and experienced inspectors who will guide you through this phase.

Getting Prequalified

You remember this one, right? Well, it’s at the top, you can read it again. Getting prequalified is the starting point. After that, you can apply for a mortgage. Once you have chosen your lender, you can provide them with all your financial history which will include income details, debts and assets information as well. On the basis of you financial report, your lender will be able to lend you the amount that you qualify for. So prequalification makes things easier and simpler in buying a home.

The abovementioned tips are crucial in making your home buying experience easier. To know more about a simple home buying experience or getting further assistance, you can call