When it comes time to sell your home, it’s vital to stage it. A staged home shows better, so you’ll attract more buyers and probably sell it quicker and at a higher price. Staging also helps buyers see themselves living there. Don’t worry if you can’t hire a professional stager—you can do it yourself by following these six simple steps.

Step 1. Declutter everywhere. Remove keys and random items from the entry area to make it open and welcoming. Take extra clothes out of closets, so they look bigger. Remove family photos and personal items, such as trophies and diplomas. Delete extra throw pillows, and books and magazines that aren’t put away on shelves.

Step 2. Do some sprucing up. Apply a fresh coat of paint to walls and trim where needed. Refinish worn floors so they don’t look like they need to be replaced. Put brighter bulbs in all fixtures, because a bright home creates positive feelings. Before an open house or showing, set the dining table and place flowers throughout the house.

Step 3. Focus on the primary bedroom. It’s important for this room to show well. Use neutral paint and décor and more people will be able to relate to this space. Add an inexpensive headboard if the bed doesn’t have one—a headboard brings balance to the room. Use ironed, comfy-looking bedding—no bold patterns or strong colors. Pay special attention to removing clutter—you want this room to feel like a place to unwind.

Step 4. Hone in on bathrooms. Remove calcium and soap residue and mold on tile, shower doors, and porcelain surfaces. Put in new floor mats, plants, and flowers. Before showings, bring in fresh towels and soaps, and new shampoo bottles.

Step 5. Edit the furniture. The goal is to make rooms look more spacious. Empty each room to get a feel for the space and where the furniture should go. Bring in the largest piece first, then fit in the rest of the furniture. Don’t block doorways or views through windows or into other rooms, or traffic flow in any way. Put the furniture you’re not using into storage. Hang artwork that adds character.

Step 6. Freshen the atmosphere. Before an open house or showing, air out the house and use air fresheners. You want to eliminate odors from cooking, pets, and anything else with a strong smell. Use fragrances sparingly, so they don’t overwhelm buyers. Keep to simple scents—pine, lemon, orange, vanilla, basil, green tea.

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